> Transitioning from a 9-5 career to being your own boss as a real estate agent?  
> Relieved to have recently passed your real estate exam but don't know how to put your theoretical knowledge into practice?
> Have clients but struggle with starting and structuring the real estate process?

Sound familiar? Whatever the case, what you need, is confidence.


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My passion is helping others and I created the 90 Days New Agent Program so new agents did not have to deal with the learning curve and struggle I did when starting out.


After 14 years of building a successful career in real estate, it's hard to believe that I was once a new agent, but I've been there. I understand the struggles of just getting just started in the business.

Like many of you, I started out shadowing my managing broker, and it wasn't until after 5 transactions that I began to finally gain confidence.

Even with this confidence, I still faced many challenges when operating on my own. Like the time a client asked to see a house and had no idea how to use the showing service application or that it even existed.

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The truth is, it's difficult to learn the ropes by shadowing another agent. No matter how amazing your mentor is, they simply can't prepare you for what things will be like in the real world. It's the struggles that every new agent faces that have inspired me to create 90 Days New Agent.

90 Days New Agent is a self-guided course that helps new agents gain practical knowledge through daily bite-sized tasks that help them gain real experience and serve real clients with confidence.



  • State of Colorado Managing Broker
  • International Coaching Federation Accreditation
  • Master's Degree, Mass Communication Research, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Senior Real Estate Specialist
  • Board member of CU Real Estate
  • Certified International Life Coach
  • Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI)
  • Green House Scholar Mentor
  • E for All Mentor
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All The Knowledge You Need To Get Started As A New Agent.

I understand the lack of resources given to new agents, which is why I have created the ultimate after-exam-program that provides you with all of the essential knowledge you need to take charge of your new career.

My 90-day program was curated specifically with new agents in mind. It covers everything a new agent needs to build a profitable career; from new construction to zoning.