that 87% of new agents FAIL within the first five years of obtaining their license?* That is, 9 out of 10 agents who abandon their real estate goals within the first few years because they are not given the proper tools they need to be successful.

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At 90-Days New Agent with Libby Boyd, I understand the lack of resources given to new agents, which is why I have created the ultimate after-exam-program that provides you with all of the essential knowledge you need to take charge of your new career.

My 90-day program was curated specifically with new agents in mind. It covers everything a new agent needs to build a profitable career; from new construction to zoning.

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Misty Deiparine

Misty Deiparine

Libby has been a positive influence on my business practices. Her coaching style is one of support and guidance, she does not tell me what to do, but rather asks questions and I decide what my plan will be. She meets me where I'm at and guides me forward. I feel like I'm accountable to her, but more so accountable to myself. She is very knowledgeable about best business practices and the business of real estate. I highly recommend her if you want to take your business to the next level.

Molly Stauffer

Molly Stauffer

Libby has been my coach and educator for about 6 months. She is coaching me on both my daily routines for business maintenance and on making my business stronger through various strategies. My overall performance is gaining momentum and I believe the time and energy we spend together is contributing to my success.


The 90 Days New Agent program fills the gaps in your real estate education. The perfect after-exam-program; my step-by-step guide was created to help new agents instantly generate new business and become the go-to agent in their area.


This program provides you with all of the essentials that may not have been covered in your exam training. It is designed to make you the best fully-rounded agent you could be. You will understand everything from the value of materials in new construction to the early prevention of unwanted stress, cost, and time to your clients.

I will teach you how to build a database of trusted and loyal contacts. I will help you build the ultimate powerhouse support team of contractors, photographers, and plumbers to establish your authority in the market from Day 1.

You will master contracts - from listing presentations to sales - and become fully-equipped for all of your client meetings. This program builds confidence and competency in all the ins-and-outs of real estate.

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Shawn Weiman

Shawn Weiman

While preparing to launch my 2020 marketing efforts, I met with Libby, and after a few short meetings, she had helped me get a clear picture of my goals and develop a strategic plan. Her coaching is motivating and insightful.

Bre Ortiz

Bre Ortiz

As a newly licensed agent, Libby has been invaluable to me getting started! She has been such a great mentor - so knowledgeable, open, and willing to share her expertise. From her mentorship, it is evident that she is a realtor you want to work with - upbeat, motivated, a skilled negotiator, and truly aims to help out and wants the best for her clients.

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With over 13 years of real estate experience, I am constantly asked what it takes to build a successful career in real estate. After getting my International Coaching Federation Accreditation, I have coached many clients just like you, to cultivate the career of their dreams. In addition to my Master’s Degree, I have my managing broker license, GRI, I am a Senior Real Estate Specialist, a board member of CU Real Estate, a Green House scholar mentor, an E for All mentor, and a certified International Life Coach. 

It is my passion to help others succeed so that you can go forth and create the life and career you’ve always desired. I help you reach those goals you have for yourself so that you can help others realize their dream of finally having a home of their own.

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I want to make things as simple and actionable for you as possible. I know your time is valuable and you want quick results!

90-Days New Agent includes 90 daily videos that are only 90 seconds long so you can easily fit them into your day. Each video has an action item for you to take. I’ll be honest, some can be longer than others, but they are designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed as a top agent.

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Each day I will pop into your inbox with the days video. Just click the link, and log in to watch. Then just make sure you complete your action step for the day and before you know it the 90 days will have flown by and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.


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*National Association of Realtors